network design philosophy behind dreamhamar process

As architects regarding the city as a complex and multi-layered phenomenon, during the past years we have been facing deep change in the way we relate to urban issues. We have learned – by doing – that knowledge and creation are becoming hybrid and diffused phenomenons, transforming traditional, closed and fixed structures, into open and flexible network structures. The image above is a visualization of dreamhamar process based on an image by Ecosistema Urbano and a network visualization by Nancy White.

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image above:

About one month ago I wrote this post for
As I have been working on network design methodology for the dreamhamar process, in the following text I explain why I think that a minimalist approach can help with the management and the coordination of a complex process like dreamhamar.


Smile, breathe and go slowly is the subheader of zenhabits blog, one of the top 25 blogs and top 50 websites in the world.

Minimalist Leo Babauta, author of the blog, writes about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing and find happiness.


network thinking: un’intervista a Francesco Cingolani

una mia foto adattata con
network visualization di See-ming Lee [flickr]

“Tutto quello che faccio lo faccio in rete, collegandomi ad altre persone, gruppi, studi e associazioni, secondo strutture orizzontali e aperte.”

Con questa frase spiego l’essenza dell’approccio network thinking in un’intervista realizzata dal magazine whymarche nella quale racconto il mio percorso di architetto italiano all’estero e cerco di spiegare che lavoro faccio.
Ecco l’intervista completa.

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Parametric Network Design for Hamar, Norway

DREAMHAMAR è un processo di network design applicato alla creazione di uno spazio pubblico per la città di Hamar, in Norvegia.
Una delle caratteristiche più importanti della metodologia network design è la realizzazione di prototipi a scala reale sulla piazza tramite eventi, installazioni ed azioni urbane.

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Architects creating communities before buildings

During last months I’ve been working hard for dreamhamar network design process to transform the design of a public space in Norway into a collective dream. While I was working from Ecosistema Urbano in Madrid as a member of the DIGITAL LAB TEAM, another team was moving to Hamar in order to coordinate onsite activities.

A few days ago Noa, one of my colleagues in Hamar, published “Learning from Hamar”, a short essay about her 2 months experience in Norway. I think it is a great report and a touching text; it explains how a network design process goes beyond the pure participation process, by building a networked community (both local and international) to work on a mutual case.
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