Architects creating communities before buildings

During last months I’ve been working hard for dreamhamar network design process to transform the design of a public space in Norway into a collective dream. While I was working from Ecosistema Urbano in Madrid as a member of the DIGITAL LAB TEAM, another team was moving to Hamar in order to coordinate onsite activities.

A few days ago Noa, one of my colleagues in Hamar, published “Learning from Hamar”, a short essay about her 2 months experience in Norway. I think it is a great report and a touching text; it explains how a network design process goes beyond the pure participation process, by building a networked community (both local and international) to work on a mutual case.
Here is an extract of Noa’s essay:

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” said John Lennon, This is what I feel is happening in Hamar. We have made preliminary design, we are holding workshops and other activities locally and globally – some of them were planned, some of them are spontaneous -, but what really matters is the community that is being created around Stortorget Square through this process. To build a square we need to build a community first. A community is the foundation of a square. And the truth is, that the steps for building a community are impossible to plan. We can provide the setting, we can offer activities, but is up to you, to the people, to create that community or not.


As I see it, dreamhamar is a project that goes beyond the workshops and the pure participation process. It is about cherishing a community, about finding excuses to meet up and talk, with your neighbor and from a guy from London or Madrid interested in this unique project – Hamar is a pioneer, giving the community this degree of power is not common.

In summary, dreamhamar is about getting together to work on a mutual cause.


You can read the entire essay here

dreamhamar is a network design process led by Ecosistema Urbano in order to design the Stortorget Square in Hamar, Norway.

More info about dreamhamar
More info about Noa Peer, author of Learning from Hamar


In the photo above (by Christoffer Horsfjord Nilsen) you can see creamhamar event, a collaborative lunch (with a cow!) taking place in Stortorget square, in Hamar. 

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