Since my previous post announcing QUARTO, some of you have been asking for more information.

What is QUARTO?

QUARTO is my empty room in Madrid, available for creative people who want to live the space in exchange for a creative something.
A creative leaves his room.
Another creative can stay there, in QUARTO, in Madrid, freely.
When he leaves QUARTO, he delivers his creation.
The creation is published on this blog.

This is about networks, networks and networks around us.
What if we connect virtual networks with a physical, empty, free space?
Juan and Sarah have been QUARTO’s first guests .
They created something…coming soon at immaginoteca.com/quarto.
QUARTO is now in its beta phase and it’s open by invitation only.
But please, leave a comment if you are interested in staying in it: we’d love to hear from you.

QUARTO : a room in Madrid

A project by Francesco Cingolani and networks around him.
In collaboration with Alfonso Sanchez UzábalDomenico Di Siena and ALGOMAS ARTE RIVOLUZIONARIO

QUARTO is also part of LAGUNA, an experimental approach to open network housing. More info coming soon…

PHOTO ABOVE: Room afternoon by Enid Yu on Flickr | license CC BY  2.0

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