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As architects regarding the city as a complex and multi-layered phenomenon, during the past years we have been facing deep change in the way we relate to urban issues. We have learned – by doing – that knowledge and creation are becoming hybrid and diffused phenomenons, transforming traditional, closed and fixed structures, into open and flexible network structures. The image above is a visualization of dreamhamar process based on an image by Ecosistema Urbano and a network visualization by Nancy White.

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DREAMHAMAR è un processo di network design applicato alla creazione di uno spazio pubblico per la città di Hamar, in Norvegia.
Una delle caratteristiche più importanti della metodologia network design è la realizzazione di prototipi a scala reale sulla piazza tramite eventi, installazioni ed azioni urbane.

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During last months I’ve been working hard for dreamhamar network design process to transform the design of a public space in Norway into a collective dream. While I was working from Ecosistema Urbano in Madrid as a member of the DIGITAL LAB TEAM, another team was moving to Hamar in order to coordinate onsite activities.

A few days ago Noa, one of my colleagues in Hamar, published “Learning from Hamar”, a short essay about her 2 months experience in Norway. I think it is a great report and a touching text; it explains how a network design process goes beyond the pure participation process, by building a networked community (both local and international) to work on a mutual case.
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video : sessione network design con il sociologo Andrés Walliser, direttore del workshop online PUBLIC SPACE AND PEOPLE

Qualche giorno fa ho invitato un collega, conosciuto a Torino in occasione dello Smart Building Workshop, a partecipare agli workshop online che sto coordinando nell’ambito del processi di progettazione partecipativa dreamhamar

Tutto il progetto, secondo la metodologia network design, è ispirato a valori di trasparenza, orizzontalità e apertura.
Se sei un architetto, un creativo, o se semplicemente sei interessato ai processi di creazione orizzontale e distribuita, ecco le sessioni online alle quali potrai partecipare durante la settimana di ottobre tramite il nostro DIGITAL LAB
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In 2 days we start dreamhamar‘s three-month long participation phase of workshops, lectures and model building where residents are invited to dream and to discuss the future of Stortorget Square, and it is marked with a big opening party next Saturday, September the 17th at 2:00 pm !

Here are some graphic works I realized with Ecosistema Urbano team for the opening event.

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images above based on flickr pictures by Amber Case and Smite Me

I am very happy to share with you a post originally written for dreamhamar blog by our blogger and community manager Marisa, with whom I am collaborating in Ecosistema Urbano.

As one of my principal role within dreamhamar process is to develop theory and methodology for this architectural participation project, a few month ago I wrote What is Network Design Methodology? (originally in Spanish and translated in English by Marisa, thanks!) where I explained which methodology we were going to use for dreamhamar.

When Marisa was working to the English version of the article, she started detesting me :)
In the following text she explains why and she “translates” my words into an understandable language also for a non-architect. I sincerely invite you to read it: very funny and clear.

Thanks again Marisa for this brilliant explanation of network design methodology for participation processes! 

I remember when Francesco Cingolani first tried to explain me whatnetwork design was. I remember looking puzzled. I remember going home wondering why two simple words had to combine in a concept so difficult to grasp.

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