CTRLZ Architecture to build the first shopping mall for #openculture in #Madrid


We are glad to announce that CTRLZ Architectures has been chosen to design the renovation project for the old Cinemas of Plaza del Carmen in Madrid (image above).

For the past few years, we have been deeply involved in open culture diffusion and we strongly believe in architecture as a creative commons production. This is one of the reasons why we are so happy to have been commissioned by the Chinese company Xiu-Shui to reconvert the Cinemas into the first so-called “copy” and open culture mall that will pretty soon be open to the public.

Due to a great cooperative relationship between the municipalities of Shanghai and Madrid, that was crafted at the meetings which took place in Shanghai during the Expo 2010, Xiu-Shui has announced that the first Open Culture Shopping Center, to be named “LaSeda Market”, will be inaugurated in Madrid, Spain, in 2011.

Share the world is the motto used by Xiu-Shui to explain the philosophy behind the operation. As announced on their news page, «Silk Market malls are places where people can share the world, in which the different companies that promote the open culture as business model will have their own spaces. Share the world means open culture and open culture means share the world. Inside LaSeda Market, customers and users will be the same.»

These are really great news for us,  as this purposes totally fit with our engagements in architecture and social innovation.

We think that copyrights are obsolete and that we are quickly moving toward a “free of charge” exchange of any kind of information or product.

The open spaces of the center (image above) are sponsored by open culture companies and a speedy Internet connection will fuse this open space with the entire global Web. There, you will be able to find products of the most famous open culture companies such as Mozilla, Ubuntu, Spotify, Youtube, Android, Bubok, Skype, Twitter, Creative Commons and much more.

For more information please visit the madrid #openculture mall website at madrid.mercadolaseda.com


Xiu-Shui is also one of the sponsor of the event “Noche en Blancothat will take place in Madrid on Saturday 11th of September 2010.