coworking as an architect

Jennifer from Cowork Penticton asked me a few questions about how coworking is for an architect. An architectural firm in her own town is considering coworking, but they would like to hear comments from others before committing and she is looking for some feedbacks. As an architect it is very interesting for me, as I’m noticing that while coworking is something normal for graphic designers, social entrepreneurs and web developers, it’s not the same for architects. For instance, at mutinerie coworking, one of the place where I cowork, I am one of the few architects of the community (and maybe the only one). Continue reading coworking as an architect

Guggenheim side effects and the Architects’ originality obsession

I originally published this post at  on November 12th, 2009.
Image above by Mark B. Schlemmer | flickr

A recent article on ArchDaily talked about our ‘in progress’ footbridge at La Roche sur Yon.
We’re pleased to be a subject of interest for a such an important architecture website, and what we appreciate even more is the public feedback and the list of comments left, which have inspired some interesting reflections about our work here at HDA.
I would particularly like to share some thoughts on the idea (or even obsession) of “being original” in architecture, the meaning of copying someone or something, and what this could imply nowadays, in a time when everybody is talking about copyright and how it’s changing with new communication technologies.
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