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In 2 days we start dreamhamar‘s three-month long participation phase of workshops, lectures and model building where residents are invited to dream and to discuss the future of Stortorget Square, and it is marked with a big opening party next Saturday, September the 17th at 2:00 pm !

Here are some graphic works I realized with Ecosistema Urbano team for the opening event.

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images above based on flickr pictures by Amber Case and Smite Me

I am very happy to share with you a post originally written for dreamhamar blog by our blogger and community manager Marisa, with whom I am collaborating in Ecosistema Urbano.

As one of my principal role within dreamhamar process is to develop theory and methodology for this architectural participation project, a few month ago I wrote What is Network Design Methodology? (originally in Spanish and translated in English by Marisa, thanks!) where I explained which methodology we were going to use for dreamhamar.

When Marisa was working to the English version of the article, she started detesting me :)
In the following text she explains why and she “translates” my words into an understandable language also for a non-architect. I sincerely invite you to read it: very funny and clear.

Thanks again Marisa for this brilliant explanation of network design methodology for participation processes! 

I remember when Francesco Cingolani first tried to explain me whatnetwork design was. I remember looking puzzled. I remember going home wondering why two simple words had to combine in a concept so difficult to grasp.

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dreamhamar homepage
anteprima della home page | la pagina definitiva sará lanciata a settembre

Ormai è chiaro. Non si capisce bene che lavoro faccia. Me lo dicono tutti e lo dice anche la rivista whymarche nell’intervista in cui la redazione mi chiede di spiegarglielo!

Nell’articolo pubblicato nell’ultimo numero scrivono simpaticamente:
Definire il lavoro di Francesco è difficile, neanche lui ci riesce bene! Ma quello che gli riesce benissimo è creare ed interessarci alla sua storia: un giovane partito dalle Marche che, passando attraverso Parigi e la Spagna, ha trovato la sua strada!

Potete leggere l’intervista completa qui, intitolata Il network Thinking di Francesco Cingolani: non solo un architetto.

Allora mi è venuta un’idea: visto che oggi è lunedì, e visto che per organizzare il mio lavoro di questa settimana avrei comunque bisogno di fare una lista e un programma, posso provare a farlo qui. Così, se qualcuno fosse interessato, leggendo questo post magari capirebbe meglio che lavoro faccio…questa settimana!
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image by dreamhamar

Comme certains savent dejà, une grande partie de mes efforts professionelles des derniers mois ont été focalisés sur le projet de network design dreamhamar. Alors je vous invite à suivre aujourd’hui (ainsi que tout les autres lundis) à 18:00 la session LIVE de HAMAR EXPERIENCE, un streaming en directe depuis Hamar, Norvège dans lequel nous partageons les evolutions de ce projet de creation architecturale participative.

Pour nous suivre, rendez-vous tout les lundis à 18:00 sur

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Image: Creative Networking by Amber Case (Flickr)
The article begins by explaining a networked-learning project carried out at Ecosistema Urbano, called Urban Social Design Experience, and explains how this project allowed to define network design methodology. At Ecosistema Urbano we are actually applying network design in the project dreamhamar.

The article has been originally written in Spanish for La Ciudad Viva and then it has been translated by @la_madalena for dreamhamar blog

“Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” – Albert Einstein

For several months we have been developing in Ecosistema Urbano a project focused on expanded education. These last few weeks, we gave it a close look and we would like to share our thougths with you.

The project in question is Urban Social Design Experience (USDE) and we presented the first session – which ended recently – as a series of online courses (experiences). During these experiences innovative approaches and lines of work in urban culture and urban management were presented.

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