MEIPI / collaborative cartographies

A meipi is a collaborative space where users can upload information and content around a map. Each meipi has a particular context, which can be local (when the entries are related to a specific area), or thematic (when the content is associated with a particular idea).
/// How can a meipi be useful?
A meipi allows a group of users to share information around a place or a topic. It can be very useful for collaborative dynamics, workshops, associations, enterprises, groups of friends, artistic actions…In we already have several meipis created by different users. They cover different areas and topics, showing what a meipi can offer.

/// Do I need to register to participate in a meipi?
Registration is not necessary in order to navigate through the different public meipis and access the information contained in them. Registration is needed to upload entries, and to rank and comment on them, and also to create meipis. Registration process is very quick and easy, and it has to be done only once for all the meipis where you want to participate; it is not necessary to register each time.
/// How to start using meipi?
You can open a new meipi in or install a meipi on your own server

/// Meipi is mainly developed by:
Domenico Di Siena [ALGOMAS – Arte Rivoluzionario] +++ Alfonso Sánchez Uzábal [Montera34] / Jorge Álvaro Rey [] +++ Guillermo Álvaro Rey [] +++ Francesco Cingolani [ALGOMAS – Arte Rivoluzionario] +++ Pablo Rey Mazón [Montera34].



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