Info point is constituted by two re-used cargo containers (1) staying in front of each other in order to create a small public square into the bigger one Piazza Castello. This configuration allows to define between the containers a human scaled wooden platform (2) for citizens where one can sit, meet people and keep informed about events. The Info point is enveloped by a system of light and moving elements, made of articulated steel structures supporting textile surfaces (3). Envelop can be closed or opened and fabric elements moved in order to design evolving scenarios during night and day and in function of users’ needs. Vertical surfaces of the envelop can be used as a flexible and tentacular support for exhibitions (4). On the top, an array of funny sunshades provides solar protection and can be used as projection surfaces for information, images and videos (5). Like some big flowers, these articulated structures integrates photovoltaic cells into the fabric and collect sun energy during the day and give colored light at night. This animated performance of lighten flowers stand as a mark for the info point and contribute to transmit the icon of contemporary and eco-aware architecture.

Credits: Francesco Cingolani, Gaëtan Kohler (OZ collective), Marco Riccobelli


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